Coronavirus Resources

As we continue to adjust to the daily challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, it's important to remain focused on self care as well as caring for others. Below is a compilation of resources that you may find useful. Feel free to share.

Resources To Help You

We are all well versed with this new normal and dealing with the lockdown. However with more weeks of confinement ahead here are some resources that you might find useful. 

Tips/Facts from Leading Authorities

Wading through the torrent of content and trying to find the most reliable information? Check the following links. 

Mental Health Consideration

In January 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. WHO stated that there is a high risk of COVID-19 spreading to other countries around the world. In March 2020, WHO made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic. This is a very good pdf covering the mental health and psychosocial considerations for individuals and organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Managing Anxiety & Stress

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

NAMI’s COVID-19 Resources

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has been working tirelessly on answering some very important questions regarding Covid-19 outbreak and its impact on mental illness. This guide will answer some questions around managing anxiety and social isolation during this outbreak as well as provide more resources for individuals affected by mental illness or caring for one.

John Hopkin’s COVID-19 Resource Center

Finding facts and the truth around Covid-19 pandemic in the digital age could be a bit challenging. Here is a website to help understand the virus and its impact on the community and the world from experts in global public health, infectious disease and emergency preparedness at John Hopkins.

Needing Help

You’re tough but you’re beginning to feel the effects of this lockdown and needing a little positive support.

Coping With Covid-19 Anxiety

I have few pointers to help you deal with the stress/anxiety of COVID-19. This will help alleviate the amount of stress as well as guide you to live life to the best of your ability given the current circumstances. 

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Pre-Existing Or Underlying Depression

The psychological impact of Covid-19 is being felt across the country and around the world. In this post, I highlight the impact of Covid-19’s “stay at home” and “social distancing” on individuals with underlying depression, and then lay out three strategies to help them manage through this difficult period.

Navigating Life During Covid-19

As the coronavirus pandemic upends work, travel and home life, the rules are shifting for what people can and can’t do in their daily lives. The WSJ is continuously updating advice and information on how to stay safe, healthy and connected, and how to help others. Here’s their latest news, answering your questions.

Mental Health In The Time of Covid-19

This New York Times article asks – would you be willing to describe how the coronavirus is affecting your mental health? Is the combination of isolation and existential stress making you feel more depressed and anxious? Or is the family togetherness and the pause from normal life giving you a greater sense of belonging and equilibrium? You can log your thoughts at the end of the article

Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

From how to think about the stock market, to what to do if you lose your job, here’s what you need to know about coronavirus and the economy.

The Psychology Of Uncertainty

This article in Forbes coves the psychology of uncertainty and the anxiety and elevated fear that arises from continuous exposure to social media and chronic TV viewing. It provides follow recommendations from the experts on how to deal with this.

Coronavirus And The Isolation Paradox

“Social distancing” is required to prevent infection. But loneliness can make us sick. This article in the New York Times by Abdullah Shihipar explores the mental health challenges of social distancing and how people are coming together virtually to maintain social connection to combat the isolation.

Free Or Low Cost Therapy

Therapists are supporting healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store employees, and those out there serving us during this pandemic by supporting you with short-term, free & reduced fee sessions.

Wanting To Help?

You’re more fortunate than others and you’re keen to help others. 

Get Involved - How You Can Help

From donations, to volunteering for the Tech SWOT team, to offering other practical skills or PPE supplies, New York State is seeking your help. 

Help The Frontline And Underserved

The Migrant Kitchen Team is providing free meals to feed the families of those impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, including local healthcare workers. The first several hundred meals have already been donated by The Migrant Kitchen, with meals going to the front line healthcare workers at the Covid-19 treatment units at Bellevue Hospital Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. You can donate here.

Keep Local Alive

From donations, to volunteering for the Tech SWOT team, to offering other practical skills or PPE supplies, New York State is seeking your help. 

Needing Inspiration

You’ve read the guidance and you’re over the news stream but want to hear some new ideas and stimulating concepts. 

A Club Designed For People Of Color

If you are seeking a place that centers you then step into your digital oasis of wellness & culture with creators of color. A club with digital membership designed for people of color to thrive.

For Socialites Missing Spring Break

DAYBREAKER is a morning dance community of 500,000+ members in 28 cities around the world that inspires humans to start their day unlike any other—by waking up and dancing in iconic spaces, sober, first thing in the morning.

Working Out The Kinks Event

Back at home because of Covid-19 in your childhood house?
In the last of a series of events on April 28th come and talk through whatever challenges are arising for you, whether its shifts in levels of independence, trying to maintain the sense of self that you cultivated while living away or any other difficulty in this judgment-free zone.

What to Watch During the Pandemic

Bored at home? Gone through all the list of things you have been wanting to watch? Sometimes receiving some tips about what to watch helps during times like this. Richard Brody’s list of best films to watch may be a good resource for your next film/show to watch.

Expanding My Thinking

We are talking about the “New Normal’. Maybe it’s time to explore some new concepts and ideas of where the world could go and how humanity evolves and the implications for the us.  

Resources from Singularity University

Last month over 23,000 people that attended a virtual, informative and inspiring summit that shared facts, facilitated discussion, had experts answering questions, and addressing concerns around COVID-19—as well as the impact of outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics—in a measured and thoughtful way.

The event humanized what is happening around the world, explored future challenges, as well as the long-term impact on society. All videos are available on YouTube. And you can learn more from the resources the participants and experts shared. 

Books & Stories With Tips For Pandemic Survival

Bored at home? Gone through all the list of things you have been wanting to watch? Sometimes receiving some tips about what to watch helps during times like this. Richard Brody’s list of best films to watch may be a good resource for your next film/show to watch.

Podcast - Emotional Intelligence During A Pandemic By Brene Brown And Mark Bracket

World renowned Brene Brown who’s life work is studying emotions, including courage, shame, and vulnerability interviews in this Podcasts Dr. Marc Brackett. Dr. Marc Brackett, a Yale Professor studying emotions and importance of emotional literacy discusses the importance of recognizing, naming and understanding our feelings in order to live a more functional life (better decision making, creativity, improved relationships and more).

A Great Summary Of Brene Brown’s PodCast About Emotional Intelligence

Christopher Rim’s summary of Brene Brown and Marc Brackett’s Podcast during Covid-19 Pandemics. He highlights Brackett’s reasons around understanding emotions and applying “RULER” method.

For Parents

Parenting is never easy. It’s just been made harder balancing home schooling, lockdown, work or unexpected unemployment. 

5 Tips To Stay Sane With Children During COVID-19 Quarantine

Here are five simple tips to help stay sane for the time being. Keep in mind every family and culture may approach handling their children differently, and this is by no means to say what is right or wrong, just some tips to help you get by or add to your daily life.

For Divorced Parents, Covid-19 Means Extra Complication

Even exes who are amicably splitting custody of children don’t always agree on how much risk they will tolerate. This article explores the challenges. 

Pediatric Sleep Training

During a stay at home order, it is easy to run out of things to do at home with the children. One of the perks of being at home 24/7 might be trying new things like sleep training or potty training your child. Pam Edwards, is an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, certified with the Family Sleep Institute. Her goal is to help families worldwide get the sleep they need and to educate parents on forming healthy sleep habits from day one.

Safe Media For Children

Navigate social distancing and school closures with quality media and at-home learning opportunities for your kids

Anxiety And Disruptive Behavior

Anxiety in children can manifests in a surprising variety of ways. This article delves in the causes and the impact on behavior, identifying it, the tools to deal with it and how to avoid confusion with ADHD. 

Supporting Kids During The Crisis

As schools close and workplaces go remote to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, parents everywhere are struggling to keep children healthy and occupied. This article provides useful tips for nurturing children at home.

Reflecting on Motherhood During Crisis

For too long, mothers have been held responsible for every aspect of their children’s well-being. Jessica Grosse, lead editor of the NYT Parenting writes an enlightening and historically referenced article on motherhood through time to help us reflect on.

Supporting Families During The Crisis

Even before the Covid-19 crisis hit some parents struggled to balance work, child care and self-care. Now with the additional pressure and fear, keeping worries — both your children’s and your own — under control can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do it alone as this article explains.

Staying Connected

Our collective health and well-being, requires social distancing. Physical distance, however, does not mean we need to remain socially disconnected or isolated. In fact, individuals, families, and communities can maintain the one thing we all need right now…social connection! Here are some clear, concrete tips for physically distancing while staying emotionally and socially connected:

How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine

In many places, schools and day cares are closed. Here are some tips on how to entertain your little ones, and on how to talk to them about Covid-19 from Wired.

Skills Young Kids May Learn From The Pandemic

During times like this it may be hard to notice some positives including life skills that may be taught or learned. This article highlights 4 life skills that parents will have a chance to teach their kids during a pandemic.

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